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STEM Summer Programs

white water rafting group

STEM Summer Adventure 2012

STEM Summer Adventure 

The STEM Summer Adventure is a 4-day extended river raft trip program that takes pace the week before school starts. The summer adventure is a math-science learning experience that uses outdoor-based activities as a fun laboratory for learning. 




Bronco Bridge Day students in front of big 'B'

Bronco Bridge Day 2016

Bridge to Boise State

A four-day high impact program that helps STEM students jump start their first year in college. Bridge to Boise State prepares scholars from diverse backgrounds for a successful first semester. 







Program Costs

STEM Summer Adventure Program8/11-8/14$330.00
Bridge to Boise State Program8/14-8/18$160.00
Both Events8/11-8/18$490.00

*The Bridge to Boise State Program includes lodging, meals, and academic workshops.
*Scholarships are available based on financial need.