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NSF Scholarship Programs

SAGE Scholars

Graphic: Boise State College of Engineering SAGE ScholarsSAGE Scholars is a cohort-based scholarship program for engineering and computer science students funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This program continues a tradition of NSF-funded scholarship programs at Boise State that support students. SAGE Scholars receive a combination of academic advising, professional development, social experiences, and significant financial support.



National Science Foundation Gateway Scholarship in Biology

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National Science Foundation Scholarships for Transfer Students in Computer Science, Engineering & Math

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This is a scholarship for incoming or current Boise State students that have between 6-90 transfer credits from a community college or other institution.

NOTE: AP credits/college credits earned while in high school do not apply for this scholarship. You must have a completed FAFSA application on file at Boise State University to demonstrate financial need in order to receive this scholarship.

National Science Foundation Scholarships Engineering and Computer Science Students

This is a scholarship for incoming or current Boise State students majoring in engineering or computer science.  Scholarship Eligibility requirements include:

  1. U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status;
  2. Demonstrated financial need (FAFSA on file at Boise State University);
  3. Academic requirements: minimum high school 3.5 GPA  and SAT/ACT scores submitted to Boise State for new students, minimum Boise State 3.0 GPA for current students.
  4. Admitted and plan to enroll as a full time student (12 credits or more) at Boise State University; and
  5. Enrolled/enrolling in a first-year level mathematics course for upcoming Fall semester including in any of the following: Math 143 College Algebra, Math 144 Trigonometry, Math 170 Calculus I, Math 175 Calculus II or Math 189 Discrete Mathematics.
  6. All recipients must be enrolled at Boise State as a full-time student for any semester a scholarship is awarded and majoring in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Material Science & Engineering or Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering.
  7. Once accepted as a scholar, you will be expected to participate in monthly community building activities with other scholarship recipients. Participation in a minimum of 4 cohort activities a semester is required. This might include one or more of the following: orientation summer adventure (rafting) trip, participating in a seminar(s), living in the Engineering Residential College; or attending cohort events (academic and social) such as resume building workshops or yoga.

Follow this link to apply for the National Science Foundation scholarship for engineering and computer science.  Application requires a letter of recommendation and either a single-page essay explaining interest in pursuing an engineering or computer science career or interviewing with the Scholarship Coordinator. Applications closed for Fall 2015.  Scholarships for 2016-17 semester will open November 1, 2015, deadline April 1, 2016.

Please contact Lynn Olson at or 208-426-2686 regarding scholarship application and availability.

Upcoming NSF Scholar Events

Visit the Boise State NSF Scholars Facebook page for additional event and resource information

Contact Info:

Lynn Olson

Scholarship Coordinator
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8pm-5pm
Phone: (208) 426-2686
Engineering Bldg. Room 101

Ann Delaney

SAGE Scholars Program Director
Phone: (208) 426-2686
Engineering Bldg. Room 307