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NSF Partners

The STEM Station at Boise State University supports a consortium of NSF STEM education research and initiatives related to STEM students and faculty development and success.

The STEM Station has collaborated on several partnership projects.

Consortium of NSF Projects

CALIPER – Catalyst to Assess Learning and Instructional Practices for Evidence- based Reform

  • Emphasis – STEM undergrad general education courses
  • Description – Gather and analyze data to understand the relationship between instructional practices and intended student learning outcomes.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Sharon McGuire, Susan Shadle, Karen Viskupic,  Sasha Wang, Eric Landrum, Ross Perkins

ENGAGE Engineering

  • Emphasis – Faculty and Student interactions / Everyday Examples in Engineering
  • Description – Dissemination mini-grant on increasing faculty-student interactions by conveying evidence-based best practices through workshops for students and faculty / Mini-grant facilitating the use of everyday examples to teach abstract concepts.
  • Partners/people (contact person highlighted) – Krishna Pakala, Sarah Haight

EEC– Engineering Education Research: Division of Engineering Education and Centers

  • Emphasis- Engineering first year students
  • Description-  Develop an instructional strategy for preventing/eliminating misconceptions towards science and engineering courses and disciplines.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Dazhi Yang and Inanc Senocak

EPSCoR– Educational components of Idaho EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvements

  • Emphasis – Underrepresented STEM undergrads
  • Description –Faculty mentored undergraduate research themed around managing Idaho’s landscaped for ecosystem services
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Shawn Benner, Janet Callahan

Geoscience Education- K-12 Virtual Labs for Teaching Science of Geochronology

  • Emphasis –K-12
  • Description –Partnership with the Idaho Digital Learning Academy to develop virtual labs, field trips and education activities on the science of geochronology and understanding geologic time.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Karen Viskupic, Ross Perkins, Chareen Snelson, Mark Schmitz

GK-12 – Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education

  • Emphasis – Bio & Geo grad students & K-12 teachers
  • Description – Geoscience and biology partnerships with informal science centers for K-12 education and outreach; and professional development for grad students and teachers.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) –Karen Viskupic, Jim Beltoff, Dave Wilkins

IEECI E2R2P– Engineering Education Research to Practice

  • Emphasis – Faculty Focus
  • Description – Redesign engineering and STEM courses to include problem and project based learning and create a sounding board of potential faculty adopters.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Don Plumlee, Linda Huglin, Steve Villachica

IEECI SADINE2– Successful Adoption of Innovation in Engineering Education

  • Emphasis – Faculty Focus
  • Description – Study faculty characteristics and environmental perceptions leading to successful adoption of innovations in engineering education.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Kirsten Davis, Sondra Miller, Ross Perkins

LSAMP– Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

  • Emphasis – STEM undergrads (URM)
  • Description – Research experiences and academic enhancement to encourage degree completion among underrepresented students
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Marty Schimpf, Catherine Bates, Sharon McGuire

MSP- Math Science Partnership (completed)

  •  Emphasis – K-12/ teacher education
  • Description – Planning grant for state-wide educational partners to increase the quantity and quality of K-12 STEM teaching
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Louis Nadelson, Amy Moll, Henry Charlier, Randy Schrader, Barbara Morgan

Noyce- Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

  • Emphasis – K-12 teaching preparation in STEM majors
  • Description – Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a teaching certificate in STEM fields
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) –Louis Nadelson, Amy Moll, Henry Charlier, Jan Smith, Amy Clink, and Matt Wigglesworth

REU Chemistry- Research Experiences for Undergraduates

  • Emphasis – Community College & STEM undergrads in U.S.
  • Description – Undergraduate research and peer mentoring early in students’ careers to increase retention.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Don Warner, Eric Brown, Louis Nadelson

REU Mathematics– Research Experience for Undergraduates

  • Emphasis – Two BSU students & six from elsewhere in U.S.
  • Description – Undergraduate research to immerse students of diverse backgrounds in math by application to information security and genome biology
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Liljana Babinkostova, Jens Harlander, Marion Scheepers

REU Biology – Raptor Research

  • Emphasis – STEM Undergrads
  • Description – Engages undergraduates in field and laboratory research with a thematic focus on Raptor Research
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – James Belthoff, Jesse Barber, Marc Mechard, Jay Carlisle, Marie-Anne de Graaff, Jennifer Forbey, Mark Fuller, Matthew Giovanni, Julie Heath, Greg Kaltenecker, Jim Smith

REU Materials Science – Materials for Energy and Sustainability

  • Emphasis- STEM Undergrads
  • Description- provide an intensive research-team experience with state-of-the-art facilities while exploring activities within the theme “materials for energy and sustainability.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted)- Rick Ubic,

S-STEM– Idaho  Scholarships for Transfer Students  (two other S-STEMs have completed)

  • Emphasis- Engineering transfer students
  • Description- Scholarships for academically talented engineering and computer science students with financial need
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted)- Janet Callahan, Amy Moll, Doug Bullock, Amit Jain, Tami Taylor, Lynn Olson

STEP– Science Talent Expansion Programs

  • Emphasis- STEM undergrads
  • Description- Academic enhancement, learning communities, research and advising to increase retention among all STEM majors.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted)- Janet Callahan, Jude Garzolini, Susan Shadle, Doug Bullock, Joe Guarino, Gary Hunt

TUES- Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning POGIL

  • Emphasis- STEM undergrads, in material science & engineering
  • Description- Redesign intro materials science class using POGIL, based upon learning cycle model.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted)- Will Hughes

TUES- Mobile Based Learning Games MBLG

  • Emphasis- Undergraduate STEM Education
  • Description- Research to develop and assess five mobile-based learning game (MLBG) modules utilizing the Grand Canyon as the virtual laboratory.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted)- Brett E. Shelton

Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) – STEM Central STATION

  • Emphasis- STEM undergrads, grad students & faculty
  • Description- Research and strategies to enhance NSF STEM initiatives and add programs to support Learning Partnerships for students and faculty in a centralized Station.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted)- Marty Schimpf, Sharon McGuire, Karen Viskupic, Amy Moll, Louis Nadelson, Pat Pyke, Donna Llewellyn

WIDER – Widening Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Reform PERSIST (Promoting Educational Reform through Strategic Investments in SySTEMic Transformation)

  • Emphasis- STEM foundational courses
  • Description- Create transformational change  in STEM teaching and learning by applying a change model to saturate STEM courses with norm of evidence-based best practices
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted)- Susan Shadle, Doug Bullock, Amy Moll, Tony Roark, Eric Landrum, Tony Marker, Pat Pyke

CS10K: IDOCODE A Sustainable Model for Computer Science in Idaho High Schools

  • Emphasis- High School Teacher education
  • Description- Establish a MS in STEM Education program in Computer Science. Work with industry partners to get CS endorsement for high schools. Provide workshops and training to high school teachers.
  • Partners/People (contact person is highlighted) – Amit Jain, Tim Andersen, Ernie Covelli, Alark Joshi, Louis Nadelson, Jyh-haw Yeh.

Let me know if you have any questions.