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LSAMP REU: Students

Brayan Vazquez

Brayan Vazquez

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in STEM education.
  • Year:Fourth year
  • LSAMP REU project: The Role of Low Intensity Vibrations in Adipocyte Inflammatory Response.
  • Faculty: Dr. Gunez Uzer
  • Why did you choose to apply to the LSAMP REU? The reason why I applied was to pursue my interest in the biomedical field. I get to experience the different lab practices associated with this field and to understand  how stem cells work, especially how adipogenesis of stem cells play an important role in a cell’s development.
  • How has LSAMP motivated you to be the student you are today? LSAMP has shown me to take advantage of the different resources the program gets to offer. This LSAMP REU opportunity, lets me expand my academic understatement of my major and how I can potentially apply it to the real world. 
  • What did you like about the LSAMP REU?  It was a challenging yet rewarding experience, I perceive as this opportunity as a big milestone in my career and academic development. I will strive to use gained skills and knowledge in the best possible way, and I will continue to work on my improvements, in order to attain desired career objectives. Hope to continue cooperation with them in the future.

Amanda White

Amanda White

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Japanese Studies.
  • Year: Third year
  • LSAMP REU project: Optimization of Silver Nanoparticle Inks for Aerosol Jet Printing.
  • Faculty: Dr. Lizandra Godwin
  • Why did you choose to apply to the LSAMP REU? I have never participated in any kind of research before, so I decided to try it out and see if I enjoy it. LSAMP does offer a very good summer REU and I thought it was a good opportunity to apply. This also lets me connect with faculty at Boise State.
  • How has LSAMP motivated you to be the student you are today? I really like what LSAMP is and how it tries to promote opportunities for different students of different ethnicity and backgrounds. They provide a lot of opportunities like conferences, summer REU, and events that lets you meet with people from different companies- One example would be Idaho National Laboratory (INL). LSAMP is really great because they do a lot for the students so they can learn more.
  • What did you like about the LSAMP REU? I have enjoyed being able to participate in research, learning to use new machines, and learn more about the materials I’ve been working with. I think it has been a very cool experience and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to participate in the REU.