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How to Apply

Interested in applying to the Gowen Thunder STEM Challenge presented by Boise State University? Here’s How!

CF Snowbird Over Cityscape

Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds

1. Get a group together! You as the adult will commit to leading this group through a STEM lesson or activity. The group can be any assortment of ages in grades K-12 and can be affiliated with a school or an out-of-school group; some examples of eligible groups are: the 7th graders from Einstein Middle School, Girl Scout Troup #198, all K-5 students at Seth Paine Elementary School, or La Salle Library’s Teen Time Group. This list is not comprehensive or exclusive!

2. Decide what activity you want to do with the group. The rubric used for the applications is linked on the left margin. This is what will be used for determining the level of award given to each applicant. The more aligned with the rubric, the more likely your group will be awarded extra prizes like meeting a pilot or flying a simulator. However, all applicants who successfully complete their activity before the date are eligible to attend the practice airshow! Ideas for STEM activities can be found in the “Resources’ section of this website.

3. Fill out the application. Be sure to use the “Lesson Plan/Activity Template” provided at the left, and submit your plan with your application.

4. Complete your STEM activity and submit your short summary by October 7th. Feel free to include a photo of your group having fun with STEM (no children’s faces, please).

5. Attend the airshow on October 13th 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.! More details about the day will provided after your application is completed. Possible financial assistance for transportation to the airshow may be available.