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STEM Education Research Scholars Group Invites 2012-2013 Scholars

STEM Education Research Scholars Group Invites 2012-2013 Scholars

The Boise State STEM Education Research Scholars Group will begin its fourth year in Fall 2012.  The group meets ever other week for a year to discuss STEM education research.  The purpose of the group is to increase STEM faculty understanding and proficiency with STEM education research so that they may use the knowledge in their NSF, NIH and other proposals that require BROADER IMPACTS and the associated research to determine the effectiveness of the proposed broader impact projects. In the group we will take an idea from conception to publication.  Further, each of the 8 participating STEM faculty will develop a proposal or project that will be implemented of included in a future project or proposal. Scholars will receive $250 stipend for one-day summer workshop and $500 toward expenses related to a research project.

If you are a STEM faculty member or staff involved in STEM education research and are interested in being a STEM Education Research Scholar in the 2012-2013 academic year please contact Louis Nadelson (, 6-2856).  Space in limited to 8 STEM faculty.

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