If you want to brush up your math skills for your upcoming math course, we have an online Math Learning Module available at no charge. We recommend you take advantage of this module if:

  •  It has been more then 1 year since you took a mathcourse and you want to refresh your skills or
  • Your math placement score qualifies you for a lower level math course than you want to take and you want to study math before taking the COMPASS math placement test.


kfaleks2What is ALEKS?
  • Free, personalized, online learning covering concepts in Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.
  • ALEKS provides online associated practice problems that start “where the student is” and work toward student mastery of the course syllabus.
  • Once you activate your access you have 77 consecutive days of use.
  • Note:  the Boise State mathematics department no longer requires ALEKS assessment; this module is not applicable for math assessment.



Who can use ALEKSjraleks2
  • A grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) provides free licenses for ALEKS online Learning Modules to U.S. citizens and permanent residents majoring in a science, engineering, computer science, or mathematics field (STEM).
  • ALEKS licenses may be purchased directly from www.aleks.com for approximately $19.95/month. On the ALEKS course list, choose from the following courses, depending on your level. If you choose a level that turns out to be either too easy or too hard, contact the company and they can switch you to a more appropriate level.
  • Prep for Intermediate Algebra
  • Prep for PreCalculus
  • Prep for Calculus


chaleks2Students who benefit from ALEKS
  • Have not taken math recently
    “It has been a few years since I took math. ALEKS was a great review and focused on what I didn’t know.”
  • Want to increase their COMPASS scores
    “I am not a great test taker and my scores placed me in a lower math class. ALEKS helped me to increase my math placement scores.”




$200 Boise State Bookstore Award
BSU Bookstore Award for students starting their ALEKS subscription after April 1, 2014 (in effect through July 31, 2014)

Students who invest 20 or more hours in working through this module are automatically entered in the pool for the BSU Bookstore award. The Bookstore award is a $200 allowance for use on texts and required supplies. Our experience is that students who spend 20 or more hours earnestly working this module do much better than students who don’t do the review.


To obtain instructions and access code send an email to summerstem@boisestate.edu. Your email must include the following:
Subject: ALEKS Learning Module
Body: Include your Name, Student ID number, your major, and the course for which you are preparing (Math 108, 143, 144, or 170).
Questions?  Contact:
Jude Garzolini

Other Math Assistance

Khan Academy – videos on math from arithmetic to differential equations. Other subjects available include biology, chemistry, and more.

This is especially useful for students who need to work on specific topics in their courses (exponents, fractions, logarithms, etc.)